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Impress Your Future Employer

Your resume plays a vital role in job hunting, to win a chance at an interview. Let the resume writers of Best Value Resume Service provide you with an exceptionally written resume and cover letter that will get you hired. We have the knowledge and experience to successfully and efficiently produce written masterpieces and land your dream job today!

We Focus On:

Recruitment meeting


At the very first glance, we want the potential employer to find your resume visually enticing, with a clean and simple structure. It will be uniform, consistent, symmetrical, and uncrowded. We will also verify that there are no grammatical, typographical or spelling errors.


Your resume will present your qualifications from both theoretical and practical perspectives. It will also cover your education, skills, experience, personality, and other relevant information.

Writing and Presentation

For a more effective copy, we avoid using any extraneous information and repetitions and utilize bullet-point lists to present concise statements. We also emphasize relevant descriptions by eliminating details that are unrelated to the position. More importantly, we make sure that all content within your resume is delivered in priority sequence - qualities, abilities, and job descriptions that the position requires. We have an extensive database for each position to help us with this step.

Sales Appeal

We convey to the prospective employer why you are the perfect candidate for the specific job title.

Scan Ability

We make it a point to use similar keywords that are used in the job description or posting so that potential employer's databases will detect it.

Get Professional Writing Services

Since prospective employers usually take about 10 to 20 seconds to scan a resume, your resume needs to be persuasive enough to capture the employer's interest in a very short time span. At Best Value Resume Service, we will prepare your resume in a way that will help potential employers assess what you have to offer in the quickest, easiest, and most powerful way. For inquiries regarding our resume writing services, feel free to give us a call at (905) 433-1019 (Durham Region), (844) 433-1012 (Toll Free) or email resume@resume1234.com